Make a wish – Grant a Wish at Erin Mills Town Centre

For the next year the new infinity fountain at Erin Mills Town Centre is taking wishes – for Eden Food for Change.

Lots of people, especially children, like to toss coins into a fountain and make a wish. It’s a fun thing for people to do. Now those wishes will actually have a multiplying effect as Eden Food for Change (EFFC) has been selected as the designated charity for all the coins tossed into the fountain for the next year.

With people throwing coins of varying donations, they do add up to have a greater impact. Since June, EFFC has already received $259. This is impactful because when the organization receives financial donations they can buy the food that is needed such as healthy fresh food like eggs, milk and fruits and vegetables. Also, when they have to purchase non-perishable items they can stretch that dollar.

Currently EFFC can distribute $50 of food for every $10 the receive in financial donations.

The new fountain can be found in the centre of the mall located under the featured sphere skylight and was part of all the renovations done to update the building over the past few years.

“As the prime mall for western Mississauga, Erin Mills Town Centre is doing a great job in connecting their customers to supporting people in need through these fountain donations,” says Bill Crawford, Executive Director of EFFC. “It’s a great partnership.”

“Erin Mills Town Centre is proud to support the community through this partnership with Eden Food for Change,” says Marketing Director, Francesca Bourré.

Eden Food for Change has been serving hungry families in western Mississauga for 25 years. The organization serves people through its two Food Bank locations, its Learning Kitchen and Fresh Produce Box program and has a vision of Good Food For All!

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