LAC Presents: Blackburn

Blackburn Brothers To Play Latest JUNO Award-winning Album at Living Arts Centre

An obvious uniqueness that identifies and sets apart the band Blackburn is that they are a band of brothers – literally. Duane (lead vocals), Brooke (guitar), Cory (drums) and Robert (harmony vocals and songwriting on the newest release) all share the Blackburn name; a name that has become truly connected to Toronto music history. Musically, the Blackburn name has been forever imprinted in our ears by Bobby Dean Blackburn, an R&B artist who gained legendary status in the Toronto music scene, performing the city circuit for over 30 years. Beyond the music, other history runs deep too. The Blackburn name is tied to the history of the Underground Railroad, and there is a direct connection to the musical talents that we know and listen to today.

Winners of the 2010 Maple Blues Award for Best New Artist, they mix up blues, r ‘n b and funk elements with real skill. Blackburn’s most recent album “Brothers In This World” also received a JUNO nomination for Blues Album of the Year in 2016. As Brooke Blackburn says, “We have this synchronicity and it really calms the soul. That’s my stress release. I do not have to worry about anything. Cory can start a song, Duane can start a song, I can start a song and within the next two bars, everybody’s in, whoever’s starting it. We don’t say what the song is. We just start it and everybody just knows. It’s almost like a heartbeat.”

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