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Native advertising has been embraced in Canada and world-wide and we are pleased to announce that it is now available across all of our digital properties. Your content (clearly identified as 'Sponsored Content') is inserted alongside our own site content and promoted via the same channels.

A Mississauga realtor may choose to insert an article on market trends in the city. A new car dealer may wish to publish an article on the latest model. Each article will be featured on the site(s) of their choosing and may link back to their own Web site ("no-follow" links only).

Details and Pricing

Articles are supplied by the sponsor and may be edited by our staff to ensure they adhere to our editorial standards. Any revisions will be made subject to the sponsor's final approval prior to publication.

Any images, graphics or videos* are to be supplied by the sponsor.

Sponsored content is clearly marked and identifiable as such and will appear in normal site categories alongside regular site content.

All new sponsored articles will be featured on the front page of the site(s) for a period of one week.

After the first week sponsored articles will pass chronologically through the site. New articles are first published to the top of the home page and subsequently move down the page as new articles are published. Five (5) articles occupy the front page of each site. Once an article has been bumped from the front page it remains accessible via the site 'Categories' menu, 'Archives' menu, Recent Articles list, site search facility and related articles links.

All new articles -- including sponsored articles -- are promoted on our Twitter and Facebook accounts and may be featured on our other social media accounts. Article promotion via social media is included in all pricing.

There is no setup or configuration fee provided all assets (text, images, graphics, etc) are provided by the sponsor in Web ready format. Should pre-publication work be required there may be a charge. Any charges will be communicated before any work is undertaken and it is the sponsor's decision whether or not to proceed.

Single Article Pricing
Duration One Year
Impressions Unlimited
Video Yes (1)
Images Yes (5)
Links Yes (2) "nofollow" only
mymississauga.ca $299 with any advertising spend
($599 without)
$199 with any advertising spend
($399 without)

*Videos must be hosted on either the sponsor's or a third party site such as YouTube. They will be embedded within your content.

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