Webmaster Services

There’s a real simple reason you got a Web site for your business:  you simply cannot have a business these days without one.  Your customers (and potential customers) want to know who they are dealing with and how you can help them.  They want to know more about you.  Know that they can trust you.

But what’s worse than no Web site?  A poorly maintained Web site.  A Web site that’s still offering information on that upcoming sale that finished three years ago.  A Web site where your last blog entry was also your first and is dated 2008.

Nothing will send a potential customer running faster than a clearly out-of-date site.  After all, if this is the way you present your business to the world what faith can they reasonably have in being certain of the service they will receive?

There are a number of reasons why Web sites become stale, but first on the list is probably that you simply lost touch with the Web designer that built it for you.  The site is hosted (somewhere) and you just keep renewing the hosting contract to keep it online.  Your site is on auto-pilot and you have no way (and no knowledge) of how to access it.

Here’s where we can help.  We’ll contact the hosting company on your behalf.  We’ll have them email you the user name and password to access your site on their server.  From there we’ll work to determine if there is a ‘content management system’ powering your site or if it is simply a static collection of HTML pages.  Odds are the latter.

Then it’s up to you.  If there’s a need (for security purposes — older CMS’ may have known security issues) or a desire for a new Web site we can set you up with a shiny new WordPress site and show you how you can keep it current without our help.  All our sites run WordPress and we regularly update them from our phone.

Odds are though that your site is a collection of HTML pages and just needs a dusting off.  We can get out the vacuum and get to work removing the stale content from your site and bringing it up to date.

To keep things from growing over again we offer a complete Webmaster service whereby you simply email us the new content and we post it on your behalf.

Our charges are simply an hourly rate ($50 per hour billed in 15 minute increments with a one hour minimum) for the time involved both in clearing off the dust and posting your new content.  You concentrate on your core business and let us keep you looking good (our core business).

Don’t let a stale Web site chase away business — contact us today!