Event Category: A&E

Project Lead: Sharada Eswar. border crossings Showcase developed in collaboration with and featuring the work of the Mississauga communities Borders are both physical places, marked by barriers in the form of walls or coasts, and imaginary ones, indicated only by lines on a map, or places in our hearts. They are paradoxical, in that they … Continue reading border crossings: creating parallel histories

Curator Tour: April 6, 2019 Guest-curated by Rhéanne Chartrand Featuring works by: Joi T. Arcand, Shuvinai Ashoona, Catherine Blackburn, Aylan Couchie, Ruth Cuthand, Thirza Cuthand, Dayna Danger, Raven Davis, Bonnie Devine, Maria Hupfield, Nadya Kwandibens, Amy Malbeuf, Jane Ash Poitras, Ningiukulu Teevee, and Arielle Twist niigaanikwewag brings together notable works by senior, mid-career, and emerging … Continue reading niigaanikwewag

Curated by AGM Interns Anran Guo, Meryam Ahsan and Husam Rabahia Braids have woven their way through time, hand over hand, with passion, warmth and patience. Braids have embellished hairstyles since the earliest of days and act as a tangible representation of strength and unity – a symbolic gesture of womxn bonding with and supporting … Continue reading Braiding Through Time – Works from the AGM’s Permanent Art Collection