Pearson Airport Central to Transit Planning, Region-Building, Economic Development: Mayor Crombie

Toronto – We need to build regionally-integrated transit and any plan to undertake new transit initiatives in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) must consider a role for Toronto Pearson Airport, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie said today.

Mayor Crombie made the comments during the Toronto Region Board of Trade’s 2016 Aviation Summit. Mayor Crombie participated in multiple panels that included elected officials and industry experts, Toronto Pearson CEO Howard Eng and Leslie Woo, Metrolinx’s Chief Planning Officer.

“It starts by thinking differently about Pearson Airport,” Mayor Crombie said. “Pearson is more than just an airport – it is a regional and national asset that must be utilized.” Mayor Crombie added that “Pearson Airport is a hub of economic development, job creation, international trade, travel and transportation.”

“All levels of government need to incorporate Pearson Airport into their public policy and strategic planning goals.”

“Whether directly or indirectly, all roads and rails must lead to Toronto Pearson,” Mayor Crombie said, citing Mississauga’s efforts to drive forward new regionally-integrated transit plans like the Hurontario Light Rail Transit (LRT), along with the ongoing development of the MiWay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Transitway.

“In 2017, the Renforth Gateway BRT station is scheduled to open. The station will help make travel to Pearson Airport and the Bloor-Danforth subway line easier via Highway 427,” Mayor Crombie said. “Our vision for all-day two-way Go Train service on the Milton and Kitchener GO Train lines with the Missing Link plan will further move people throughout the Western GTA and will allow for greater access to the airport.”

“In our conversations with Mayor Tory and the City of Toronto, we are exploring opportunities that will one day see SmartTrack further connected to transit that leads to Pearson Airport.”

“We support a vision that reimagines Toronto Pearson as the Union Station of the GTA West and Mississauga is ready to do its part to make this happen,” Mayor Crombie said.

Beyond transportation, Mayor Crombie singled out the importance of Pearson to Mississauga and the GTA’s overall economy. Pearson Airport is Mississauga’s largest employer (41,100 people). The aerospace industry is responsible for 25,000 jobs in Mississauga.

“Put simply, what is good for Pearson Airport’s economic prospects are good for Mississauga’s own economy,” Mayor Crombie said, adding that “we chose the arrival gates of Pearson to launch the Mississauga International Partnership Program Committee (MIPP) – a new working group to attract and retain foreign-direct investment.”

“Each day a wealth of economic opportunity flows from Canada’s largest airport into our community. It is critical that we position ourselves to compete effectively in the global market place.”

Mayor Crombie concluded that “as we look toward the future, with plans to build a more thriving and promising Mississauga and GTA, the success of Pearson Airport is central to transit planning, region-building and unleashing new economic development opportunities.”

The Sugar Bush

One of the sweetest signs of spring has arrived, it’s maple syrup season! In March, the warmer daytime temperatures and cool nights, get the sap flowing. It’s the sap from sugar maple trees that is boiled down to make maple syrup.
Producing high quality maple syrup goes hand in hand with forest management. A sugar bush, a forest managed for maple syrup production requires the use of proper forestry practices to maintain production and sustain forest health. 
To get high volumes of sap production, sugar maples need exposure to sunlight. The wider the crown of the tree, the more the leaves have access to light. Forest thinning is therefore an integral part of sugar bush management. Trees that impede the growth and crowd sugar maples are removed, as well as diseased and dying trees. Maintaining some species diversity in a sugar bush is important to build resilience of the forest as well as provide benefits to wildlife.
Maple syrup has been around for centuries. While the methods of maple syrup production have become less labour intensive today, good forestry practices still ensure the sustainability and health of the sugar bush. To find out about CVC’s restoration programs and services, including forest management, join us on April 2 at the Tree Planting and Habitat Restoration Services Presentation.
Visit the Countryside Stewardship Connection and share your maple syrup memories and create new ones at the Sugarbush Festival, click on the What is the sweetest sign of spring? Forum.

Art Gallery of Mississauga’s 13th Annual Fine Art Auction

Tickets are now on sale for the Art Gallery of Mississauga’s 13th Annual Fine Art Auction, taking place Thursday April 28th, 6 p.m. at Mississauga Civic Centre. This year, with the generous support of SQUARE ONE Shopping Centre, the AGM is thrilled to host a fundraising event that is bigger and more exciting than ever before!

The live auction will feature works by talented artists, from local luminaries such as Leszek Wyczolkowski and Lila Lewis Irving, to the latest buzz-worthy emerging talents like Gavin Lynch and Jennifer Carvalho, to some of Canada’s most celebrated artists including Ed Pien and April Hickox. Whether your tastes lean toward painterly landscapes, contemporary photography, or bold abstract pieces, there is something to catch every eye. Visit the auction preview from Thursday, April 21st to Sunday, April 24th to experience the artworks up close and connect with the artists.

This year’s event will be held at the elegant C Banquets on the 12th floor of Mississauga Civic Centre. The panoramic view of the city’s skyline is a perfect backdrop for indulging in an evening of fine art, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, live entertainment and dancing. There will also be an after-party with a live DJ. Tickets are only $75 and can be purchased inside the gallery or on the AGM website.

All proceeds from the auction go towards the AGM’s innovative public programming, artist projects, and exhibitions. Contact the AGM at 905-896-5088, follow us on twitter @AGMengage or visit for more information and event updates.

Transportation (Ride Sharing) Network Companies Directed to Suspend Operation as Review Continues

At this week’s General Committee meeting, Council passed a motion directing transportation network companies (TNCs) to suspend operations in Mississauga as the City’s Public Vehicle Advisory Committee (PVAC) continues a review of these companies currently operating illegally in Mississauga.
Highlights of the motion includes:
• directing TNCs and drivers to suspend operation within Mississauga until amendments to the Public Vehicle Licensing By-law are made;
• City staff continuing to enforce the Public Vehicle Licensing By-law and charge all drivers;
• Staff to report back on TNC related charges under the City’s Public Vehicle Licensing By-law;
• Federal and Provincial government be requested to undertake legislative changes to regulate TNCs to ensure that TNCs are regulated consistently across municipalities in Ontario;
• PVAC holds an open education session and makes its recommendations to Council. 

“We need a safe and fair system where everyone operates under the law,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “We are taking the time and doing the work to ensure we have a level playing field.”
“The motion directing TNCs to suspend operations will give us time to ensure we have the best option for Mississauga,” said Ron Starr Ward 6 Councillor and Public Vehicle Advisory Committee Chair. “Further review will be done at the City’s Public Vehicle Advisory Committee.”

“Technology is changing many industries,” said Carolyn Parrish Ward 5 Councillor and Public Vehicle Vice Chair. “Our job is to manage the transition and make it fair. Review at the City’s Public Vehicle Advisory Committee will help us achieve that.”

The motion will be on the March 9, 2016 Council agenda for final approval.
Public Vehicle Licensing By-law
The City of Mississauga’s Public Vehicle Licensing By-law regulates transportation services provided by public vehicles (taxis and limousines.) This bylaw ensures public and consumer safety, driver safety and consumer protection for public vehicle transportation services.  TNCs are currently operating in Mississauga unlicensed.
Studies and Reports
Two studies were conducted by the City of Mississauga.
Taxicab and Accessible Plate Issuance Models and Taxi Fares
The study and report includes recommendations on the by-law provisions to issue taxicab plates and accessible taxicab plates as well as the setting of fares.
Study of Regulation of Transportation Network Companies A study and report was prepared on how other jurisdictions (Canada, United States, Europe) are regulating TNCs and to evaluate policy alternatives.

Love Local, Buy Local – Art!

For the fifth year, Arts on the Credit, the annual fine art and craft show will highlight the curated work of over 40 talented local artists at the prestigious Waterside Inn in Port Credit. (11am-5pm. April 9th and 10th. $5 admission.)

Each year, remarkable new visual artists and craftspeople are introduced to visitors, exhibiting side by side with established local artists, and giving those interested in the creative process an opportunity to interact directly with the creators of their one-of- a-kind purchases.

“Our organization is committed to assisting and mentoring new talent and expanding our vibrant art community, and we truly believe that an engaged cultural hub in our city is key to our future growth. By combining art, community and conversation, Arts on the Credit attracts thousands of visitors each year from all over, to discover, re-connect and purchase work from local artists, and help us continue with our growth. I am constantly amazed by the breadth of talent here in Port Credit; there must be something in the water! And, there will be door prizes!”

For more information visit