Current Exhibitions at The Art Gallery of Mississauga

Beyond the Pines: Homer Watson and the Contemporary Canadian Landscape 
In the late 19th and early 20th century, Homer Watson brought the Canadian landscape to the attention of the art world and artists are still drawn to the subject today. Together in this exhibition, the work of Watson and contemporary Canadian artists illustrate the universal quest to appreciate and capture the truth of the landscape in which we live.
Faisal Anwar | Tweetgarden 

Tweetgarden is an online, interactive installation in which participants turn private confessions and thoughts into a public artwork. Watch a virtual tree grow as participants share their thoughts, wishes and confessions with #treeconfessions

On October 13 at 12 pm, join the AGM and Faisal Anwar in a discussion through Twitter on subjects involving private and public spaces, how information has evolved, and performing personal acts on open networks. Tweet questions to @AGMengage
Mary Grisey | Sung from the Mouth of Cumae 
This immersive fibre, ceramic and sound installation references the Cumean Sibyl, a Greek oracle who was said to have sung prophecies from the mouth of a cave. Using destructive processes on woven textiles, Grisey evokes the effects of time and decay on landscape, history and mythology.

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