Three New AGM Exhibitions Showcase Cross-disciplinary Practice and Immersive Installations

This spring, the Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM) invites visitors to explore a diverse range of artwork with three new exhibitions. Change Makers is an exploration of personal and cultural stories that are delved into, mined, researched and then reconstituted to forge new histories as a way of not losing what the past has to teach us about how we might approach the future. In Pushing Paint, Fiona Kinsella takes the physicality and organic qualities of oil paint as her starting point, pushing the medium to become more than surface pigmentation, into the realm of the sculptural – to grow, shift, change, to build up and decay. And, in a new body of work, Claire Scherzinger examines the relationship between drawing, painting and sculpture as a spectrum of exchange of information and knowledge between the image and the object.

Change Makers
Outi Pieski, Wally Dion, Wendy Red Star, Melissa General, Amy Malbeuf, Shuvinai Ashoona, Nicotye Samayualie

Change Makers aims to re-evaluate the relationship between Aboriginal and Western cultures. This exhibition celebrates the Art Gallery of Mississauga’s recent commitment to the study and exhibition of Indigenous art while providing diverse responses to what it means to be Indigenous today. Through their works, the artists engage with ideas of self-representation to question colonial narratives and present parallel histories while exploring relationships between the spiritual, the uncanny and every day.

The AGM is honoured to have the support of the Peel Aboriginal Network and the Six Nations of the Grand River as Community Partners for this exhibition.

Fiona Kinsella | Pushing Paint

Displayed in the Robert Freeman Gallery, Fiona Kinsella explores the organic, physical, and tactile qualities of oil paint, rather than its ability to hold pigment or create two dimensional images. Her work straddles the now blurry line between painting and sculpture, and also connects to elements of performance. Although the artist exerts significant control over the final product while wielding the brush, or in Kinsella’s case, a palette knife, the paint itself is an active agent, changing over the course of its lifetime. Kinsella’s work is at once about the bridging and expansion of media, and about the process of doing so – pushing paint, shaping and sculpting it, and allowing it to have a life of its own.

Claire Scherzinger | the zenith of my understanding is like water in a thimble

Lastly, devoted to presenting exceptional emerging artists from Mississauga and the GTA, the AGM’s XIT-RM space is proud to present Claire Scherzinger’s the zenith of my understanding is like water in a thimble. For this exhibition, Scherzinger continues on her quest to “know everything about everything” when it comes to painting and drawing. However this quest is inherently futile, as the title suggests, and indeed extends beyond medium-specific boundaries. Along with many of her contemporaries, Scherzinger, who has been recognized for her painting by the RBC Canadian Painting Competition, is exploring the significance and relevance of painting today, in an era in which cross-disciplinary practice is common. She has begun to view drawing, painting, and sculpture as a spectrum across which information is exchanged – information that takes the form of line, colour, form and texture – in varying degrees of abstraction and representation.

Exhibitions will be on view from February 25, 2016 – April 10, 2016.

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