Malton Black Development Association’s 3rd Annual Multi Media Youth Gallery Exhibit premiers

Friday, May 6, 2016 at The Malton Community Centre @ 6:30pm – Featuring the work and talents of local youth at the Malton Community Centre in the heart of Malton

This May, Malton Youth will take part in a celebration of creative expression and will showcase simultaneous artistic talents during a Multi Media Gallery exhibit.

All works and talents exhibited at the event are executed by youth aged 13-25, celebrating a broad range of disciplines, from the traditional (like dancing, theatre and painting) to the inventive (like cooking, gardening and beatboxing). Organized by the Malton Black Development Association (MBDA), this one night event will provide opportunities for young people to express and exchange ideas, celebrate talents, get excited about the arts and get engaged with their community. This evening of culture will bring the art community together to offer both the uninitiated and devoted art lovers an accessible and exciting night of contemporary art. This is an opportunity to celebrate and showcase Malton’s growing art community and our team’s commitment to arts and culture. Drop in and experience a multitude of art forms at your leisure.

Malton Black Development Association was created over 30 years ago as a result of newcomer parents being concerned about the challenges their children were experiencing adapting to the Canadian educational system. Thirty years later our mission remains the same; reaching out to children of all backgrounds and ensuring that they have the tools to succeed in life. The demand for supporting children and youth is even more pressing today.

For information, please contact:

Contact: Clovalyn Wilson | MBDA
Celia Wilson | Secretary | MBDA

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