Mississauga Community Honoured at Environmental Awards Ceremony

March 31, 2017 – Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) honoured local community members at its annual ‘Friends of the Credit’ Conservation Awards, held last night at BraeBen Golf and Country Club in Mississauga. Over 85 guests and representatives from CVC’s Board of Directors attended the event.

This year’s ceremony marked the 30th anniversary of the Conservation Awards. Since the program began in 1986, CVC has honoured 340 individuals, landowners, community groups, businesses, municipalities and agencies in the watershed that have made significant environmental contributions. The awards are issued by CVC’s Board of Directors to honour those who demonstrate the organization’s core values of leadership, collaboration, innovation and integrity through environmental practices.

Mississauga’s Emily Duncan was honoured with a Young Conservationist Award for her work with CVC’s youth program, Conservation Youth Corps (CYC) in 2014 and 2016. Following her experience in the program, Duncan joined CVC’s Frontline program where she took on the role of ambassador between CVC, the CYC program, her school and community. In addition, Duncan became a leader on the Frontline Steering Committee where she became a mentor for her peers who also showed interest in environmental issues. Throughout her volunteer career with CVC and other local organizations, Duncan contributed hundreds of hours to improve the local environment and share important environmental messages with her peers.

Deloitte, who has an office in Mississauga, received an Award of Distinction. Over the past 10 years, Deloitte’s Mississauga office has participated in the City of Mississauga’s tree planting and stewardship program. In total, 610 employees have volunteered their time over the decade-long partnership. Volunteers have removed invasive species, helped define proper pathways to protect natural areas and planted native trees and shrubs.  Deliotte is defining itself as a corporate leader through its involvement in environmental stewardship with the City of Mississauga.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to extend my gratitude for all the meaningful environmental work over 30 years,” said Nando Iannicca, CVC Chair and Councillor for Mississauga Ward 7. “I am proud of all the remarkable achievements our award recipients have accomplished. With each project and initiative these leaders continue to improve the local environment and our quality of life.”

The Conservation Awards are an opportunity for CVC’s Board of Directors to recognize important environmental work that is carried out at the local community level. Awards were presented to 21 recipients in the following four categories:

Young Conservationist Winners:

Manasi Goyal

Recognizing dedication to increase environmental awareness and inspire action among youth in the Region of Peel

Emily Duncan

Recognizing leadership to educate peers about local environmental issues and improve the health of the Credit River watershed

Andrew Chow

Recognizing commitment to participate in stewardship projects that protect the environment and benefit the local community

Amisha Yadav

Recognizing volunteer efforts to improve the health of the Credit River watershed and mentor peers about local environmental issues

Aaron D Cruz

Recognizing volunteer efforts that contribute to a healthier watershed and raise environmental awareness among youth 

Award of Merit Winners:

Barbara and Andrew Harrison

Recognizing commitment to carry out sustainable agricultural practices and preserve the ecological features of their property

Canon Canada

Recognizing corporate leadership and employee engagement in projects that improve natural areas and increase environmental awareness 

Duncan Glaholt and Wendy Walgate

Recognizing positive change in land management practices that enhance the ecological features of their property

David and Susan Aiken

Recognizing advocacy to increase biodiversity in urban landscapes and implement environmentally-friendly landscape practices

Herb Campbell Public School

Recognizing ongoing commitment to environmental awareness, innovative school yard greening and engaging students in environmental projects

Peter and Frances Chiddy

Recognizing commitment to carry out sustainable agricultural practices and preserve the ecological features of their property

Brueckner Rhododendron Garden Stewardship Committee

Recognizing long-standing stewardship of Rhododendron Gardens, increasing environmental awareness in the community and promoting the importance of nature

Landscape Ontario, Region of Peel and York Region

Recognizing collaboration and innovation to improve water conservation and promote water efficient irrigation practices

Region of Peel – Public Works and Transportation

Recognizing innovation and regional leadership by implementing low impact development infrastructure to improve water quality and mitigate soil erosion

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Recognizing leadership and collaboration across jurisdictional boundaries to improve water quality, and promote sustainable parking lot and salt management practices

Willow Park Ecology Centre

Recognizing community engagement and leadership of the Hungry Hollow Collaborative to improve the natural health of Hungry Hollow

Award of Distinction Winners:

Bernie and Joanneke Kottelenberg

Recognizing long-term commitment to implement agricultural best management practices to protect the health of the Credit River watershed

Orangeville Lions Club

Recognizing significant support and long-term volunteer stewardship of the Vicki Barron Lakeside Trail at Island Lake Conservation Area


Recognizing long-term participation in volunteer tree planting events that improve the health of the Credit River watershed

Award of Excellence Winners:

Mark Whitcombe

Recognizing a lifetime of environmental activism, education and stewardship

Rotary Club of Orangeville

Recognizing more than 25 years of dedication to organize ‘Let’s Make Orangeville Shine’, environmental stewardship, and generous support of the Vicki Barron Lakeside Trail at Island Lake Conservation Area

Credit Valley Conservation is one of 36 conservation authorities in Ontario. Conservation authorities are provincial/municipal partnerships that manage the natural environment of a watershed, an area of land where the rain and snowmelt drain into a body of water. For more than 60 years, Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) has worked with its partners to build a thriving environment that protects, connects and sustains us. CVC is a member of Conservation Ontario.

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