Mississauga Arts Council wins $28,000 from Canada’s Emergency Support Fund to create a new online arts marketplace

“We are delighted to thank the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and The Community Foundation of Mississauga for the $28,000 we will be applying to the creation of the online arts hub” announced Mike Douglas, Executive Director of the Mississauga Arts Council. 

The emergency fund provides Community Foundations of Canada, the United Way, Centraide Canada and the Canadian Red Cross with a total of $350 million for critical grants. 

“The Community Foundation of Mississauga has its fingers on the pulse of community needs in our city,” Douglas added, noting that, “we are relieved and grateful that the Foundation has seen the real value in supporting the creation of an accessible, online marketplace, in order to sell and promote artists’ works and services in a new digitally connected revenue channel.” 

MAC will be looking to the creative community for input into the design and operation of its digital marketplace, a creative hub for hosting online stores, websites and event news. All efforts are in line with MAC’s goals of creating opportunities for artists, helping them to excel and sustain themselves while connecting them with new audiences online.

“We are grateful to MAC for the role that you play in supporting our community as it continues to deal with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.” offered Anne Marie Pierce, CEO of the Community Foundation of Mississauga “We know that the transition to new ways of delivering programs and services has not been easy.” 

Making the transition to digital will get a lot easier for the arts communities in Mississauga, thanks in large part to the financial help the new online arts marketplace has received. 

Further supporting the Marketplace, MAC will be launching a new educational program of digital workshops and tutorials this fall.

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