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Mississauga Arts Council wins $28,000 from Canada’s Emergency Support Fund to create a new online arts marketplace

“We are delighted to thank the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and The Community Foundation of Mississauga for the $28,000 we will be applying to the creation of the online arts hub” announced Mike Douglas, Executive Director of the Mississauga Arts Council. 

The emergency fund provides Community Foundations of Canada, the United Way, Centraide Canada and the Canadian Red Cross with a total of $350 million for critical grants. 

“The Community Foundation of Mississauga has its fingers on the pulse of community needs in our city,” Douglas added, noting that, “we are relieved and grateful that the Foundation has seen the real value in supporting the creation of an accessible, online marketplace, in order to sell and promote artists’ works and services in a new digitally connected revenue channel.” 

MAC will be looking to the creative community for input into the design and operation of its digital marketplace, a creative hub for hosting online stores, websites and event news. All efforts are in line with MAC’s goals of creating opportunities for artists, helping them to excel and sustain themselves while connecting them with new audiences online.

“We are grateful to MAC for the role that you play in supporting our community as it continues to deal with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.” offered Anne Marie Pierce, CEO of the Community Foundation of Mississauga “We know that the transition to new ways of delivering programs and services has not been easy.” 

Making the transition to digital will get a lot easier for the arts communities in Mississauga, thanks in large part to the financial help the new online arts marketplace has received. 

Further supporting the Marketplace, MAC will be launching a new educational program of digital workshops and tutorials this fall.

Mississauga Arts Council wins Grant from TD Bank Group

“We were thrilled that our revised, COVID-19 influenced grant application to TD Ready Commitment was successful,” says Mike Douglas, Executive Director of the Mississauga Arts Council, “this $25,000 will employ filmmakers as mentors and editors, it will provide professional development workshops for all things digital and will provide the launch money to get started on building the online virtual marketplace, for all things artistic in Mississauga.”
Here’s what this means specifically. MAC has created a Community Arts Development Program with TD that is changing and adapting this year to support the new online demands that artists need to master.
$7,500 will go to the TD Media Makers program, hiring local filmmakers and editors to teach and mentor students in the Peel District Public School Board through the making of their first videos. The winter/spring schedule is being worked out with the Board and will feature a festival-like screening of the completed videos.
$7,500 is earmarked for TD Culture Lab, Professional Development online workshops for professional artists to guide them in ramping up their digital competencies in photography, lighting, video making, home recording, digital marketing, social media and streaming. Timely training and MAC welcomes referrals to talented instructors in all of these skills.
TD came through with $10,000 to begin developing a new Online ARTS Hub a virtual marketplace. MAC is developing an Online Community ARTS Hub, a virtual gathering place for people seeking to purchase artworks, connect with artists and learn what’s going on locally in events like festivals, or classes and clubs. It will become a gathering place for the public to enjoy art performances, creative experiences and products of all kinds, engaged in a new channel, conveniently connected in one place, better enabling artists to connect.
“Oh and please stay tuned,” Douglas adds, “MAC will have another announcement next week, related to the more good news about the arts hub and another new COVID-19 inspired micro-grants program.”

Mississauga Arts Council Announces New Dance & Visual Arts Categories to their 2020 Micro Grants Program

The Mississauga Arts Council (MAC) announces additional dance and visual arts categories to its 2020 Micro Grants Program for local creatives.
The Micro Grants program is available to individual artists and unregistered groups/collectives living in Mississauga.
“MAC’s terrific Bingo volunteers working at Rama Gaming Centre earned nearly $20,000 for MAC’s micro grants this year,” says MAC’s ED, Mike Douglas, “today, we are announcing additional visual arts and dance categories to our Micro Grants program to enable more talented creatives to connect with Mississauga residents and advance their careers.”
Categories for funding include; an online dance video production for dancers, dance groups, and choreographers and an opportunity to participate in the Mississauga Invitational Fine Arts Show and Sale for professional painters or visual artists based in Mississauga.
This is the second of several grant announcements as MAC brings in fresh programs this summer, aimed at enabling the digital transition of the arts online. Stay tuned for news about digital education programs informing live streaming, video production, digital marketing and social media distribution. This will be one of the busiest years for new initiatives in the 39-year history of the Mississauga Arts Council.
The deadline to apply for the Dance & Visual Arts Micro Grants is Friday, September 4, 2020, at 11:59 PM. Guidelines, criteria, and details on how to submit applications can be found online at 

The Mississauga Arts Council is dedicated to enabling the growth of the arts by creating opportunities and connections between artists and residents in Mississauga and beyond. The Mississauga Arts Council’s programming offers no-cost or low-cost opportunities to perform, learn, and engage.

Since its inception in 1981, the Mississauga Arts Council works to facilitate partnerships, encourage collaboration and provide awards for healthy competition between artists and performers, to strengthen our community and contribute to a more vibrant city.
For more information on Micro Grants, visit:

City of Mississauga COVID-19 Response Continues: Re-opening Plans, Public Engagement, Events Cancelled

Re-opening plans and procedures outlined, Public Engagement – projects identified, Permits & Events Cancelled to September 7, MiWay Safety During Pandemic

Today, Mississauga City Council approved a plan for a measured and phased re-opening of outdoor recreation amenities, cancelling events at City facilities to September 7, 2020 and plans and principles for community engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We continue to work to protect our City while taking a slow and measured approach to re-opening our parks facilities. Today, Council made the decision to first reopen individual activities in parks that carry a lower risk such as skateboard and leash-free dog parks. We will explore a broader re-opening based on case numbers and how well people follow the guidelines. We also made the tough decision today to cancel major festivals and large events at City facilities and parks for the rest of the summer in an effort to prevent further spread. We remain committed to engaging the community on City building projects and will proceed with virtual engagement sessions on essential, priority projects. We once again thank residents and businesses for their patience and understanding as we navigate re-opening and recovery.”

Mayor Bonnie Crombie

Phased Re-Opening of Outdoor Recreation Facilities

Council approved a phased approach and safety procedures for the re-opening of City outdoor recreation amenities. Communications, physical distancing and signage are included in the plans and will be developed. Phases will be implemented in consultation with the Region of Peel Medical Officer of Health. Physical distancing is now a requirement in the park amenity re-openings as per the updated Provincial Orders.

The following outdoor recreation amenities have re-opened with safety and operational plans in place to minimize risks associated with COVID-19 (City of Mississauga Phase 1):

  • Municipal Golf Courses
  • Public Marinas and boat launch at Lakefront Promenade
  • Community Gardens, in partnership with Ecosource 

Park and Community Parking lots

Select park and community parking lots will open on Friday May 29, 2020.  Parking lots associated with Phase 2 amenities will open as those facilities are made available to the public. 

Phase 2 – Starting June 1, 2020

  • Park benches and picnic shelters
  • Leash-free zones
  • BMX/Skate parks
  • Public tennis courts
  • Community tennis clubs
  • Seasonal washrooms and portable washrooms

Physical distancing measures must be maintained as per the Provincial Order.

Phase 3 – To be completed within 10 days of approval and with guidance from the Peel Region Medical Officer of Health

  • Multi-sport, basketball and bocce courts
  • Community sport fields

Physical distancing measures must be maintained 

Phase 4/TBD – These facilities continue to remain closed until further notice. 

  • Playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment (currently closed under Provincial Order)
  • Public boat launch at Marina Park will open when highwater levels subside 

Enforcement will continue to focus on education and ensuring residents are informed about ongoing closures and any re-openings.

Park Ambassador Program

As outdoor recreation facilities begin a phased re-opening, the City will be redeploying full-time staff to work in pairs at our major parks across the City.  They will be clearly identified as City staff and will engage with residents to educate them on physical distancing requirements and closures within our parks.

Festivals, Events and Gatherings within City Facilities Cancelled to September 7

Council approved the cancellation of permits for major festivals, large events and other gatherings in City facilities until September 7, 2020. Impacted permit holders will be notified by City staff.

As provincial orders are revised, City staff will work with guidance from Peel Public Health on establishing parameters for the safe re-opening of facilities and permitting of small group activities.

Community Engagement for City-Led Projects During COVID–19 Pandemic

Council approved a report on Community Engagement for identified City-Led Projects and engagement principles during the COVID–19 Pandemic.

Staff looked at projects:

  • with statutory engagement requirements
  • deemed as “essential” projects under Ontario Regulation 82/20 – Closure of Non-Essential Businesses
  • having a level of risk with further delay associated with project timing, cost, resources, development dependencies and quality of engagement 

All engagements proceeding during the pandemic are to apply the following principles:

  • No in-person engagement until further notice
  • Project Leads to work with the local ward Councillor on appropriate timing and engagement methods
  • Virtual engagement sessions to be conducted through City-supported technology tools and paired with universally accessible methods (e.g., individual telephone calls, direct mail notification, e-mails, online surveys)
  • Engagement during popular vacation weeks and dates of significance should be avoided in keeping with regular practices

Development applications are not in scope of these engagements.

MiWay Safety During COVID-19 Pandemic

MiWay remains committed to providing city-wide transit service and supporting the physical distancing efforts recommended by Peel Public Health and the provincial and federal governments.

At this time the Ontario Ministry of Health recommends the use a face covering (non-medical mask such as a cloth mask) to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 when physical distancing and keeping two-metres’ distance from others may be challenging or not possible such as on public transit. Learn about face coverings, including how to properly fit, wear, remove and clean your non-medical face mask while using MiWay.

To stay informed on COVID-19 impacts on City services, please visit: or call 311.

Whites Studios Opens Second Location in Mississauga

William F. White International Inc. (Whites) has announced their second studio location in Mississauga – Whites Studios Cantay.

“Mississauga is a city in demand, and we are quickly becoming known as Studio City North. With the addition of Whites’ second studio in Mississauga, our City’s filming activity is at an all-time high. This investment will not only support jobs and attract talent from coast to coast; it will also boost economic growth and further raise Mississauga’s profile in the film sector. Now home to six major film studios, Mississauga is the ideal place for Canada’s film and television sector to thrive, given our strategic location, proximity to the airport and competitive business environment. Mississauga’s creative industry is on the rise.”

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie

The first Whites Studios location, Whites Studios Edwards Blvd., recently opened in January and features more than 150,000 square feet of space split between four soundstages. The new Whites Studios Cantay location features 181,000 square feet of space also and is divided between four stages, adding to the first Mississauga location. Whites Studios Cantay is slated to open its doors in early 2021. This will bring Mississauga’s total studio square footage to almost 900,000 square feet.

“The City’s commitment to growing Mississauga’s film sector is helping to advance the City’s Strategic Plan, achieve our economic goals and attract new jobs,” said Janice Baker, City Manager and CAO, City of Mississauga. “This expansion continues to position Mississauga as a hub for film and television across North America with aspirations to attract more international production companies. Mississauga’s ability to accommodate small to large production facilities makes it ideal for further film industry investment.”

Whites Studios adds to Mississauga’s diverse, vibrant and creative scene, which has attracted numerous award-winning film and television hits such as The Handmaid’s Tale, The Umbrella Academy, Schitt’s Creek, Black Mirror, The Shape of Water, Room and many more.

“Whites Studios is continuing its Canada-wide expansion to support increasing production needs. There is a severe shortage of studio space in Toronto in particular. Our primary Toronto location, Whites Studios Edwards Blvd., is already booked solid and our clients require additional stages. To that end, we’re doing our part to reinforce the incremental business Toronto is gaining from both Canadian and American producers.”

Paul Bronfman, Co-Chairman/CEO, William F. White International Inc.