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Mississauga to Launch Transportation Network Licensing Pilot Project

March 24, 2017 –  At this week’s General Committee meeting, The City of Mississauga Council passed a motion to approve the Transportation Network Company (TNC) Licensing Pilot Project. The 18 month Pilot Project will permit the operation of TNCs in Mississauga. The Pilot Project is scheduled to begin on July 1, 2017.

The motion will be on the March 29, 2017 Council agenda for final approval.

“The Transportation Network Company Licensing Pilot Project will provide a regulatory framework in the interest of public safety and consumer protection,” said Geoff Wright, Commissioner of Transportation and Works. “The Pilot Project will enable us to test and evaluate our framework. At the conclusion of the pilot program, we will be in a better position to recommend to Council permanent regulations for TNCs.”

“Our plan is an important opportunity to level the playing field by modernizing rules and regulations to ensure Mississauga is a city in step with the times, and with what the public wants,” Mayor Crombie said. “I want to acknowledge the ongoing efforts of Council, Mississauga’s professional staff, industry stakeholders, residents and all those who worked with the Public Vehicle Pilot Program Committee to bring forward a responsible, balanced and much needed made in Mississauga plan that ensures public safety, consumer protection and works for taxpayers.”

Elements of the Pilot Program include:

  • A By-law enacted for the rules and regulations of the Pilot Project
  • A By-law enacted to amend the Public Vehicle Licencing By-law 420-04 to allow taxi and limousine operators to compete with TNCs
  • Licenced TNCs must supply quarterly confirmation from an independent auditor to confirm the information provided to the City is accurate for the purposes of enforcement
  • Requirement that a TNC Brokerage licencing fee of $20,000 be paid to the City of Mississauga and a TNC Vehicle Operator licencing fee of 30 cents for each ride originating within Mississauga be collected and remitted by the TNC on the 15th of each month

Upon completion of the Pilot Project, staff will report back to General Committee with recommendations on existing and future regulations.

The regulatory framework for the Pilot Project can be found here: Proposed TNC Regulatory Framework.


Public Vehicle Pilot Program Committee

Council created a Public Vehicle Pilot Program Committee to hear from industry stakeholders, experts and the public and to develop a pilot program to allow Transport Network Companies (TNCs) to operate in Mississauga. The Public Vehicle Pilot Program Committee held five meetings and was dissolved on November 9, 2016.

Public Vehicle Licensing By-law

The City of Mississauga’s Public Vehicle Licensing By-law regulates transportation services provided by public vehicles (taxis and limousines). This bylaw ensures public and consumer safety, driver safety and consumer protection for public vehicle transportation services. TNCs currently operating in Mississauga are unlicensed.

Municipal Benchmarking

A comparison and analysis of municipalities who have approved TNC licensing (Appendix 2 – Proposed TNC Regulatory Framework) helped staff develop an appropriate framework for Mississauga’s Pilot Project. The implementation of the Pilot Project provides an appropriate regulatory framework in the interest of public safety and consumer protection.

Calling All Poets – The City is Looking to Fill its Top Poetry Post

If poetry is your passion, serving as the City of Mississauga’s next Poet Laureate may be the job for you.

The honorary position recognizes a poet who writes poetry or spoken word and has written on themes that are relevant to Mississauga residents. The position will begin in April 2017 and run through March 2019.

The successful candidate will focus on three key objectives:
• serve as a literary ambassador for the City of Mississauga to audiences both within and outside of the city;
• raise the profile of writers in Mississauga; and
• create an artistic legacy through public readings and civic interactions.

The position is currently held by the City’s first Poet Laureate, Anna Yin. Anna was introduced during a General Committee meeting on Wednesday, June 17, 2015. Anna will continue in the role until March 2017.

“Anna has done an amazing job representing Mississauga as our first Poet Laureate,” said Paul Damaso, Director, Culture Division, City of Mississauga. “It has been an honour working with her and it is with great gratitude that we thank her for helping to elevate the status of arts and culture in the city.”

As part of the Poet Laureate program, the candidate will also provide mentorship to the City’s Youth Poet Laureate. The youth position is currently held by the City’s first Youth Poet Laureate, Rebecca Zseder.

Nominations will be accepted from Wednesday, February 1 to Friday, March 17, 2017 by 4:30 p.m.

In order to be considered, candidates must:
• be a published poet or spoken word artist;
• be a current Mississauga resident;
• have an established body of work or have been recognized for notable contributions to the literary arts;
• some of their work should be relevant to Mississauga and/or subjects that reflect the life of the city; and
• have the ability to represent the values of the City in a professional manner.

A complete overview of the submission requirements can be found on the City’s Culture website.

The Poet Laureate will receive $5,000 per annum. Additional project funds may be available to support Laureate activities dependent upon available financial resources.

The Poet Laureate will make their first public appearance at the City’s 2017 Canada Day official ceremony on Mississauga Celebration Square.