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Region of Peel Confirms First Case of West Nile Virus This Year

MISSISSAUGA, ON (September 8, 2017) – Peel Public Health has identified its first human case of West Nile virus for 2017.

“This case reinforces the need for all residents to protect themselves from mosquito bites,” says Paul Callanan, Director of Health Protection at the Region of Peel. “Most people who contract the disease will show no symptoms, but 20 per cent will experience mild flu–like symptoms, and about one in 150 people will develop a more severe form of the disease.”

Residents are encouraged to protect themselves from mosquito bites by doing the following:

Avoid areas with high mosquito populations and take extra precautions at dusk and dawn when mosquito activity is highest.

Wear light–coloured clothing that covers exposed skin, such as long sleeves, pants and a hat.

Use an insect repellent containing DEET and apply it according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Remove or drain items on your property that hold stagnant water. Water that is stagnant for more than seven days is an ideal breeding site for mosquitoes. You can report stagnant water sites to Peel Public Health at 905–799–7700 or online at

Register online at to receive email notifications and information about where mosquitos that have tested positive for West Nile virus found in Peel.

For more information about West Nile virus, visit or call Region of Peel – Public Health at 905–799–7700 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. Caledon residents can call toll free at 905–584–2216.

The Regional Municipality of Peel was incorporated in 1974 on the principle that certain community and infrastructure services are most cost–effectively administered over a larger geographic area. The Region of Peel serves more than one million residents in the cities of Mississauga and Brampton and the town of Caledon.

Mississauga Council Votes Against More Politicians at Peel Region

We are not going to spend taxpayers hard-earned money on more politicians, Mayor Bonnie Crombie said today, following Peel Council’s decision not to add more politicians to Regional Council.

There are currently 24 Peel Councillors. The defeated proposal would have increased the number of Councillors to 32, not including the Regional Chair. By some estimates, the additional 4 Mississauga councillors would result in nearly $3 million in upfront costs, followed by an additional $1.4 million annually in new expenditures.

“Mississauga brought forward a responsible and democratic solution,” Mayor Crombie said, adding that “our proposal would have ensured representation by population of all councillors, from each of the three lower-tier municipalities.”

Under the alternative plan, long championed by Mississauga Council, the existing number of Councillors would remain the same at 24 by keeping Mississauga at 12; reducing Caledon to 3 and increasing Brampton to 9.

Mayor Crombie concluded “we need to ensure that Peel works fairly and democratically for its largest municipality and tax base, Mississauga.”

Applications Now Being Accepted for MiWay Affordable Transportation Pilot Program 

Starting May 11, 2016, low income residents in Mississauga can apply for discounted public transit through the MiWay Affordable Transportation Pilot Program, available from June 1, 2016 to Feb. 28, 2017.

The MiWay Affordable Transportation Pilot is a partnership between the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel. Continue reading Applications Now Being Accepted for MiWay Affordable Transportation Pilot Program