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Tourism Mississauga Announces New Board of Directors

Tourism Mississauga, the City’s new destination marketing organization, held its first meeting today with its new Board of Directors. The board is made up primarily of members from Mississauga’s tourism sector who will provide strategic direction to tourism activities and initiatives in Mississauga.

“As we begin our recovery efforts and start to slowly reopen our city, we will be focusing on helping our key sectors like tourism bounce back and galvanize our economy. Our new Tourism Mississauga Board of Directors will focus on how to best drive tourism to our City and encourage people to support ‘Mississauga Made’ in light of our new reality. On behalf of Mississauga City Council, we thank these industry representatives for stepping up to take on these roles and for being ambassadors for all that our city has to offer.”

Mayor Bonnie Crombie

The board consists of three City Councillors, as well as external stakeholdersrepresenting Mississauga’s tourism sectors:

City Council Members:

·       Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Dasko

·       Ward 5 Councillor Carolyn Parrish

·       Ward 9 Councillor Pat Saito

Members representing the accommodation/hotel sector:

·       Terry Mundell, Greater Toronto Hotel Association

·       Toni Frankfurter, Waterside Inn

·       Peter Eriksson, Hilton Hotel

·       Frank Russo, Four Points Toronto Airport Hotel

Members representing other services/organizations/venues sector:

·       Lorrie McKee, Greater Toronto Airport Authority

·       Sam Kohli, BIA/Business Center/Appraiser

·       Brad Butt, Mississauga Board of Trade

Members representing the retail/restaurant/culinary sector:

·       Lesley Boughen, Oxford Properties Group 

Members representing the attractions/festival/event sector:

·       Eileen Keown, Mississauga Symphony Orchestra

·       Ron Duquette, Retired Corporate Filmmaker

“The new board brings together the right mix of sector-level representation and experience that reflects Mississauga’s growing tourism industry. I look forward to working with these highly-experienced individuals to promote Mississauga as a tourism destination and to plan the recovery for this hard-hit sector.”

Shari Lichterman, Commissioner, Community Services and Chief Executive Officer, Tourism Mississauga

For more information about Tourism Mississauga, visit

In 2017, the Government of Ontario introduced a regulation permitting municipalities to implement a Municipal Accommodations Tax (MAT). On February 7, 2018, Mississauga City Council approved the implementation of the MAT. This law went into effect on April 1, 2018. Government of Ontario legislation requires 50 per cent of the MAT funds collected by a municipality be directed to an eligible non-profit organization.

In July 2019, City Council approved plans to create a Tourism Municipal Services Corporation now known as Tourism Mississauga. It is the destination marketing organization for Mississauga with a mandate of implementing the City’s Tourism Master Plan

Mississauga Introduces Hotel Tax to Promote Local Tourism

On Wednesday, November 1 at General Committee, Mississauga City Council approved in principle the introduction of a four per cent hotel tax effective July 1, 2018. The new tax is a result of Bill 127 which the Government of Ontario passed earlier this year. The Stronger, Healthier Ontario Act (Budget Measures) 2017 allows municipalities to charge a transient accommodations tax also called a hotel tax.

“This new revenue tool is an opportunity for the City of Mississauga to generate important funds that will be reinvested in an accountable, transparent and dedicated way toward undertaking important city-building initiatives to grow and diversify our local economy, strengthen our tourism industry and showcase our many celebrated attractions, festivals, heritage, culture and businesses.” – Mayor Bonnie Crombie

The four per cent hotel tax rate is consistent with the rate being considered by the City of Toronto. With Mississauga and Toronto being near to each other, applying a similar rate in Mississauga would ensure local hotels continue to be competitive.

The City estimates that the tax will generate approximately $9.8 million annually, 50 per cent of which will be shared with Tourism Toronto to promote tourism in Mississauga. The City and Tourism Toronto will use hotel tax revenues for tourism-related activities such as implementing recommendations from the Tourism Master Plan, developing and maintaining tourism-related infrastructure, improving programs and services and for Economic Development initiatives.

“Mississauga hotels are essential to our tourism activities and it’s important for them to know how the City is going to use the money it collects,” said Pat Saito, Ward 9 Councillor and Chair of the Mississauga Tourism Advisory Board. “We are already working closely with Tourism Toronto to build tourism in Mississauga. Our goal is to use the tax to attract more visitors and generate more hotel stays all of which will make our local economy stronger.”

During the coming months, City staff will meet with hotel industry stakeholders to help them understand the hotel tax and prepare for the July 1 start date.

In addition to hotels, the City will also explore the possibility of introducing a similar tax on private short-term vacation rentals.

The recommendations will go to Council for final approval on November 8 and a final report is expected to go back to General Committee in January 2018.