Mississauga to Regulate Transportation Network Companies 

Last week, Mississauga City Council approved:

• That the Public Vehicle Licensing By-law be amended for the regulation of transportation network companies (TNCs) where TNCs will be required to obtain a broker licence and operate using only licensed taxi and limousine drivers, operating licensed taxi and limousine vehicles.
• That the Public Vehicle Licensing By-law will be amended to facilitate licensed taxi and limousine drivers being able to work for more than one brokerage.
• That staff be directed to report back to the Public Vehicle Advisory Committee on ways to modernize the regulation of taxi and limousine industries.

Also approved was the creation of a committee to develop a pilot program for TNCs to operate in Mississauga under Council regulation. Continue reading Mississauga to Regulate Transportation Network Companies 

City Introduces First Public Art Master Plan

The City’s first Public Art Master Plan, which builds upon the Council endorsed Framework for a Public Art Program was introduced during today’s General Committee meeting. The Public Art Master Plan provides 54 recommendations designed to direct the expansion and implementation of a continued successful public art program throughout the city over the next five years.

“Our goal with the Public Art Master Plan is to establish a unique artistic identity for Mississauga,” said Paul Damaso, Director, Culture. “Public art has the power to boost local industry and tourism, it enhances our public spaces and contributes to our quality of life by creating memorable experiences.”

The plan establishes a curatorial and design outline which will guide the City’s Public Art Program for both permanent and temporary public art installations, mentioned Damaso.

The Public Art Master Plan includes the following elements:
• a design and curatorial outline to guide public art opportunities that can be realized in the next five years;
• priority zones within Mississauga that reflect the public art guiding principles;
• types of public art to be considered for each site;
• areas for temporary public art opportunities as well as those that might be appropriate for future permanent works;
• detailed site selection criteria; and
• education and public engagement opportunities for the Public Art Program.

“Through the Mississauga Public Art Master Plan, all future public art projects will consider the uniqueness of each community, its people and their stories,” added Damaso. “The Plan also ensures that public art reflects the context in which the artwork is located in order to maximize public benefit.”

The Public Art Master Plan will be voted on during the City Council meeting on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.

Applications Now Being Accepted for MiWay Affordable Transportation Pilot Program 

Starting May 11, 2016, low income residents in Mississauga can apply for discounted public transit through the MiWay Affordable Transportation Pilot Program, available from June 1, 2016 to Feb. 28, 2017.

The MiWay Affordable Transportation Pilot is a partnership between the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel. Continue reading Applications Now Being Accepted for MiWay Affordable Transportation Pilot Program 

MAC Hands out MARTY Awards

The Mississauga Arts Council is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 MARTY Awards. The awards were presented on Thursday May 19, at the Mississauga Convention Centre.

“Each year when we celebrate the MARTY Awards we recognize winning performances from all the major arts disciplines in Mississauga. This year we had 84 nominees in 19 categories, the ballrooms at Mississauga Convention Centre were sold out with their supporters and their lasting contributions will add to the cultural identity of our city,” said Mike Douglas, Interim Executive Director of the Mississauga Arts Council. “Congratulations to you and thank you for lifting our spirits with your winning efforts.”

This year’s award winners are:

Emerging Literary Arts – Peter Whelan
Established Literary Arts – Jasmine Sawant
Emerging Media Arts – Mathew Murray
Established Media Arts – Maggie Habieda
Emerging Music Arts – Anna Wojick
Established Music Arts – David O’Hearn
Emerging Theatre Arts – Sid Sawant
Established Theatre Arts – Sawitri Theatre
Emerging Visual Arts – Fatima Fasih
Established Visual Arts – Noelle Hamlyn
Emerging Dance Arts – Joann Wanda Rossitter
Established Dance Arts – Ashmina Suri
Culinary Arts – Massimo Capra
Fashion and Beauty – Tabi-G
Creative Community Award – Randy Persaud
Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year – Fatima Fasih
Laurie Pallet Patron of the Arts and Lifetime Achievement in the Arts – Ron Lenyk
People’s Choice Award – Harbir Singh